Just went to the store today and got some spring mix and portabella mushrooms. I can't wait to grill one up and make a nice baked potato and green salad to go with it. I don't have any Worcestershire sauce so I might need to find a replacement for it. I have a few different vinegars I could play around with so it will be interesting to make a marinade. I'm going to use a grilling machine so I hope it will work. Wish me luck!

Later that day.....

The mushrooms were wonderful! I think I might use some vegetable broth in the marinade for a little more savory flavor. I ended up grilling them under the broiler instead of hauling out my grilling machine. I had a roasted red potato with vegan margarine and some steamed broccoli along side it. For dessert I had a fruit salad. Totally yum.

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