I recently started eating vegetarian with the intention of eventually becoming vegan. Two weeks after I stopped eating meat, I found out I probably have a gluten allergy. So, I really am not sure what to eat. I feel kind of lost and am not sure where to turn for instruction. I have gone back to eating some meat, but I can barely stomach it. However, I want to eat more than beans and rice for the rest of my life! I want to bake breads, casseroles, etc., but have no idea where to start! Help!!

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Comment by Kelly Roggina on June 21, 2011 at 3:34pm

I used to be a buyer @ a natural food co-op. If you can find any natural food markets in you area, I would go there. (local co-ops, Whole Foods,etc..) These kinds of stores usualy have a gluten free section, or products are marked as so. Most people working in these stores have the knowledge to help you. Most regular grocery stores are catching on in this area & have some products, but you just have to really look to find them. (I've even seen a gluten free small section @ Walmart).   * There is a really good line of gluten free mixes called" Nameste" from brownies to pizza crust mix!  This line can usualy be found in your local co-op, or a Whole Foods kind of store.

Good luck to you!!

Comment by Amanda Lazenby on January 23, 2011 at 7:05pm
Hey I have been eating gluten free (gf) for about a year and would love to help. Inbox me if youre interested. I see you posted a while back. :) being gf doesn't mean it has to be boring! :)
Comment by rachelle elltelle on September 28, 2010 at 5:05pm
i have recently started being vegetarian to...im never going to be vegan but what you could do to be vegetarian...well to help.
Think first ur doing something good for the evironment. Then of course keep watching Gen!!! she makes vegan recipes...always try to find vegetarian cook books and tv shows and websites a good vegetarian and vegan one is www.vegweb.com which actually has videos on how to make really tasty stuff. And even a simple way to help out with the evironment is drink soymilk!!! it really helps!! and its much healthier for u!!! also i love to get veggie soy products from morning star in the freezer section of a grocery store!! all there stuff is really tasty and meat free..Oh and i was once a meat eater too...but after a while you totally forget the taste and have ZERO cravings!! i even thought the smell of bacon was TERRIBLE after a while!!! SAVE THE PIGS!!!

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