Hi Everyone!

It has been a really fun journey putting this show and website together for you!

We are in the final days now to being on the air in Europe. Remember to check the TV Schedule for your country. I will update everything as soon as I know.

It is a labor of love building this website. The "Shop Green" guide means a lot to me because it is a way for people around the world to connect with eco-friendly and socially conscious companies. Every choice we make can make a difference! If you have a favorite restaurant, or designer, or green product that is not on our site, please email me at gens.guiltlessgourmet@earthlink.net. We will review all suggestions in an attempt to build as comprehensive a list as possible.

I will be posting all of the recipes from each episode, and there will be a "members only" Recipe Club...because sharing and swapping recipes has always been one of my favorite past times.

I chose a social network to build my site on because I want everyone to participate. The purpose of my show and this website is to help connect people all over the world. Together we can help each other make better choices, for our health and the health of our beautiful planet. So please feel free to start up your own cooking groups, shopping clubs, veg-friends. I look forward to your blogs, forum conversations and comments.

Thank you for joining me on this journey!



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Comment by clancy clown on June 10, 2010 at 4:52pm
Hi Gen,

I would love to see a show dedicated to homemade alternatives ... for instance seitan and tempeh and alternative types of cheese.


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