This is day three of my spring cleaning of my spirit. Today I cut out my grains and I am moving on to two days of fruits and veggies only with loads of healthy drinks. Then I will have one day of a juice fast and then I can go backwards. I think a good cleanse is important when you start to feel bogged down by the world. It refreshes and make you glow. Centering your thoughts and making you feel more appreciative of the things you have. I never recommend doing any fast without a doctors supervision. I am studying to be a Nutritionist so I have a bit more knowledge than the average person. I also have been doing these simple cleanses for years. Not sure if my plan even works but it makes me feel good.
Day one: Eat fruit at every meal, cut out refined sugar, lower caffeine intake, eat atleast five servings of veggies.
Day two: Eat fruit all morning if possible, soup and whole grain for lunch with vegetables, snack all night on veggies until about 8pm.
Day three: Graze on fruits and veggies all day long
Day four same as yesterday but drink low sodium soups too
day five: Juice, soups, tea, and water
Reverse....And don't forget to chew and reflect

Once again I never recommend any sort of extreme diet change without a doctors supervision. Never reduce your intake of nutrients for long periods of time...that is bad....

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