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Volunteer on Vacation

So much news! I’ve recently returned from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where I prepared no fewer than 1500 mini-cupcakes, coconut milk tarts and strawberry shortcakes for the ACHIEVEabilty Food for Thought gala fundraiser. Not only did I get to support a great cause, and eat a lot of fantastic food from other great chefs, I got to meet recipe challenge winner Nicholas Garbacz, who won tickets to the gala with his pizza recipe.

ACHIEVEability is a wonderful organization. In this tough…


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Healthy Year Long Resolutions!

  • Participate in Meatless Monday: forgoing meat once a week not only reduces saturated fat and cholesterol in the diet, it also reduces the water, fuel, and grain needed to produce meat and the pollutants and byproducts created by large-scale meat farming.  In addition, meatless options like beans and lentils are very budget-friendly.
  • Make healthy swaps: Substitute almond milk, vegan cheeses and vegetable margarine for butter and full fat-dairy products…

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help need to make this eggless

I am making chocolate zuchini bread and it calls for 3 eggs. Need to make it eggless Help. Thanks Judy


Added by Judy Pfandler on August 1, 2011 at 6:56am — 1 Comment

tofu ginger applesauce dish

it turned out great. Im looking forward to catching shows for more yummy foods.

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So I freaked out hearing  my WI county radio station having an add for GMO alfalfa ( Roundup ready ) I called the General manager to boycott station ... we agreed that he would watch Food inc. and call me back & then I may go back to listening to that station !

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Glad i found you

Thanks for the tips and recipes.

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Lemon Lavender Cakes

I'm giving the lemon lavender cake a try tonight. I love the entire episode inspired by the lemon lavender drink mix :) I will update how successful I am with the guiltless gourmets recipe :)

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lost in KC

I recently started eating vegetarian with the intention of eventually becoming vegan. Two weeks after I stopped eating meat, I found out I probably have a gluten allergy. So, I really am not sure what to eat. I feel kind of lost and am not sure where to turn for instruction. I have gone back to eating some meat, but I can barely stomach it. However, I want to eat more than beans and rice for the rest of my life! I want to bake breads, casseroles, etc., but have no idea where to start! Help!!

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Gen is fabulous!

I just started watching Gen on Ion TV. I am thrilled to find someone who has healthly, fabulous, and "green" ideas and recipes to share! Thank you!

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Mouth-Watery Jamaican Fish was excellent

Hi everyone I made Gens Jamaican Fish

It was refreshing during these hot summer days in August

The Vanilla Desert Sorbet and the Caribbean Bananas Flambe was just as great.

Trails to you Thanks


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Thanks Giving Dinner in August

Hi everyone:

I made GENS Thanks Giving Dinner In August and it was excellent. I Really liked the stuffing and just everything about the dinner. It was really easy to make.

I have made several of Gens recipes and you can really can be sure when you cook one of Gens recipes that your not eating a bunch of fat.



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Hi EveryoneI really enjoy watching Gen cook her gourmet meals. She has Style and cooks with perfection .Gina

Hi Everyone

I really enjoy watching Gen cook her gourmet meals. She has Style and cooks with perfection .


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Dear Gen

I love all your vegetarian recipes...not many shows have recipes for vegetarians anymore

Keep up the good work!!!

love Rachelle

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Season 2?

Hi Gen, I do enjoy the show. I was just wondering if there will be a season 2, and if it would be aired on the same networks?

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pizza and cheeseburgers

I'm slowly emerging into the idea of vegan and so forth. But how can I truly convert unless there's a great recipe for pizza? Do you have a good idea for pizza crust?

Ditto for cheeseburgers. I choose veggie burgers at the grocery store, but do you have a recipe I can make at home? I find the fat free cheese slices at the grocery satisfactory, but I don't really know what I'm eating.

Best thing about your show: portion control. Don't stop sharing your…


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Love your show. Cookbook?


Love your show. I've only tuned in the last three weeks or so, but I find myself looking forward to high noon each day when it comes on in my area. Love the content. Love your ideas. I'm just now collecting some of the soy products and so on. Just bought agave nectar and tofu for the first time this morning. I hope you're working on a cookbook. Even if it's a small one, how nice that would be. Sandra

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potato salad

gen i made the potato salad and it iz really good!!!!!i made it cuz i waz going to da beach wit my family n wondered if i should make it wen i get WHOLE family LOVED it....thx gen

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low carb tortillas

Hi you have a recipe for a low carb, tortilla...they are so expensive to buy..and full of preservatives, etc.

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Recipe book

Gen...I love your show and recipes and I have wondered if you have a recipe book. I would love to purchase one if you do. Linda

Added by Linda Sprouse on March 28, 2010 at 9:39am — 2 Comments

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